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Evolve, Align, Restore, Transform & Heal

Welcome to E.A.R.T.H. Yoga Courses & Retreats

E.A.R.T.H. stands for Evolve, Align, Restore, Transform & Heal

We are passionate Yoga practitioners and teachers who assist with unveiling your potential to experience freedom. We guide our students to a deeper understanding of themselves and to unity with nature . We believe the path of Yoga unfolds through self study and through this practice we support students to ask themselves the right questions that allow for self development .

Loving presence, mindfulness and non-violence will lead you beyond mind intelligence where all questions are fertile with answers .

You will learn to unlearn and relearn .

Our team has an extensive experience to back their expertise in Yoga, Bodywork, Nutrition, Transformational Breathwork and Life Coaching. We combine our skills to give you holistic, wholesome advice and practical, integrated support. We believe that the teachings of Yoga are most potent when they expand beyond the classroom. We support our students to take what they learn from the practice and apply it within their lives.

We are excited to be part of your journey of self discovery!

The Earth Yoga Team



Yoga Teacher 500ERYT | Nutrition Coach | Life Coach



Yoga Teacher



Intuitive Bodyworker | Transformational Breath Facilitator | Massage Instructor

Leona, Mihir & Regi

The 3 of us work very well together, as there is mutual trust and respect and mutual INTENTION to help as many as we can .

Languages spoken fluently
English | Hindi | Dutch | Czech

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